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Authenticity In the Age of Technology

Keeping true to the real world..

This month we celebrate two years of AYME Magazine sharing real and raw stories from around the world! This issue is all about the reality of the world we are all sharing. 


Meet Jessica Denison! Learn more about her new play upsTate which illustrates a chaotic family stuck in a snowstorm, where the man of the house has gone mysteriously missing. It’s current and explores family dynamics and drug addictions in rural Upstate New York.


It's AYME's 2nd Birthday this month and we are happy to share it with all of you!! Thank you to all our features and members for joining us along the journey.

Healing Stones With Crystal

Time to clean your stones! 

 August is the last month of summer, and with that it’s time to do some end of the season cleaning!  But I’m not talking about purging the old junk out your garage or laundry room, I’m talking about how to clean your healing stones.


WordGirl 222 is back; read more about her journey with traveling ! 

Ayme's Table

Ready for some BBQ?

 Morgan’s BBQ brings you the very best food, drink, and atmosphere in the Lone Star tradition. Brisket, ribs, and pork smoked ‘low and slow’ in fire-burning pits, but with a craftsmanship and attention to quality and detail that can only come from people dedicated to hospitality and the art of Texas-style bar-b-cue.


Beauty Talk with Nancy Dunson is back and she is introducing us to a new product! 

Model Magic

Megan Rice is an Internationally Published Conceptual and Fantasy Model that is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio!! She has been involved in this industry actively for going on 10 years this winter.


Get a Hard Copy of this month's issue! 

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