The Milestone & Road Ahead  ISSUE #50

This September 2021 we celebrate our 50th issue of AYME Magazine! We are eager to continue on sharing and connecting with even more amazing individuals around the globe. In this issue we meet Photographer Monica Meyer, who teamed up with Models Imani Liqué Williams & Linwood Sheridan to do an epic collaboration at the Jordan Lake in Apex, North Carolina!  

September 2021

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Dance Life

Ballet is a formalized form of dance with its origins in the Italian Renaissance courts of 15th and 16th centuries. Ballet spread from Italy to France with the help of Catherine de' Medici, where ballet developed even further under her aristocratic influence.


Many people choose where to live based on the climate. Weather can be both a helpful and destructive force for people and their property. The change of seasons allows for many different types of work, food, celebrations and recreation.


Monasticism emerged in the late 3rd century and had become an established institution in the Christian church by the 4th century. The first Christian monks, who had developed an enthusiasm for asceticism, appeared in Egypt and Syria.

Blue Jean Chronicles

Gratitude is a form of mindfulness. At any time emotions or thoughts can overwhelm your being like a dark cloud.


September 2021


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