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Vulnerability Is Important
by Jane Verdel

Vulnerability is so important these days. How many people you choose to be vulnerable with is up to you. The important part is having the right people to open up to. Also, sometimes you are very guarded and don’t realize you aren’t letting in the people who could help you.  Nobody talks about the walls we build as we go through life. Many become so emotionally overwhelmed that they instead come off jaded. Then it becomes hard to form platonic and other relationships. You need to let the right people in. When was the last time you told someone something that was weighing your heart? When did you feel comfortable talking to someone and not feel like you shared too much or have guilt about it? If you really think about it, are you able to come up with an answer? Really look within. I think you need to be honest with yourself about what matters to you. As well as what you think you want to share with others.  It could be something that happened in your childhood or something that just traumatized you. It could be your grief over someone you lost; it could be anything you deem worth it to ponder about. Sometimes all someone needs is a person to listen to them. When something weighs in your heart and you keep it in, you’re just testing your mental health. You know you are doing better when you are able to talk about your feelings. What helps you get there is therapy and other coping techniques. When you are emotionally healthy, vulnerability comes with it. Putting your guard down and trusting someone with your feelings and deepest thoughts  is a wonderful feeling. Don’t be afraid to live your life with emotionally healthy feelings. Your life will be more meaningful and you’ll be more happy. 

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