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August 2020

Issue Overiew



Healing Stones With Crystal 

Apatite is amazing as it is in tune with the future but also has the ability to connect us to past lives, can develop psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, as well as deepening meditation.

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Crystal Hamlin 



Travel Destination 

Enter me, not so fresh off the airplane after a 15 hour flight, covered in sweat and banned from South Korea for one year after overstaying my visa during a pandemic. I hand the immigration officer my passport. Find out where our Travel Editor ended up. 


Lateisha Rae Howe 



Social Media: How Can You Serve Me?

 How can you use social media “wrong”? Well, are you doing any of these?:  Posting a photo to get revenge on an ex-lover or friends, posting to look like you have an amazing life, comparing your life to someone’s you have on social media that you have only met briefly, and/ or posting for attention? JaneytheGreat is back and with a great topic! 




Member Submitted 

Inner City Education 

Inner City is a general term for impoverished areas of large cities. Minimal education opportunities, high unemployment, high crime rates, broken families, and inadequate housing characterize the inner city which I think is a poor representation of what the Inner City is.


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Beauty Talk 

Our Beauty Editor Nancy Dunson gives a look at her new venture! It's beautiful! Check it out! 


Nancy Dunson 


Member Submitted 

Health - Back To School?

An analysis released by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that nearly 1.5 million teachers are at higher risk of serious illness if they contract coronavirus, so of course we need to consider whether young people can spread it to school staff and vulnerable adults at home come this Fall 2020. 

Decorative Lighting

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