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Black History Month

Art Work by Amina McClary.

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Cover Feature

Meet Graphic Illustrator Amina McClary in this months issue! Find out more about her journey with Art and what inspired her to get started.

A Look Inside this month with AYME...

Healing Stones with Crystal 

February is the month of lovers, or so the commercials selling perfume, and roses tell me...I say there’s more than one way to be in love, so let’s get into some self love as we jump feet first into healing our own hearts.


Beauty Talk

Lunalis holds the power to help beauty unfold, emerge, and take flight. Combining the world’s highest performing botanicals into lavishly enriching formulas, Lunalis products embody all that women desire skin care to be: simply natural, powerfully effective, and exactly what their skin needs.

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Mountain Sommelier

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly this year, and no matter how (or if) you celebrate, you deserve to treat yourself...and what better way than with a good glass of wine! Article by 

Kevin Hamlin

Certified sommelier and CSW


The Year of The Return

Estimates from five years ago show, more than 3,000 African-Americans and people of Caribbean descent live in Ghana, a country of about 26 million people. In the mid-1950s, there began a new era in which African Americans began to migrate to Ghana as a result of its independence.

Map in Grass

Travel Destination: Black In Korea

  Being a black expat in Asia can be daunting. It was daunting. Walking through immigration lines..noticing the stares and trying to pretend they don't exist. I felt a sense of fear that I wouldn't be accepted for my skin color, I would be overlooked.


A International Love Story

"We meet in the Summer of 2009, just in passing. We worked at the same place. It was my first job and I was fresh out of high school. He was doing a J-1 Work and Travel program, visiting Seattle from Istanbul, for 3 months. He was already in college working on his degree. That summer we were only friends." A story of love. 


Did You Know?

Finally, the month where we can indulge in chocolate and enjoy the beautiful smells of bouquets of flowers! It’s Valentine’s Day and I know I’m not the only one anticipating all the delicious and beautiful treats!


AYME Kids!

Learning & Coloring Book This Spring 2020! 

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The Stage play by  Jessica B. Denison is coming to New York City! upsTate illustrates a chaotic family stuck in a snowstorm, where the man of the house has gone mysteriously missing. It’s current and explores family dynamics and drug addictions in rural Upstate New York.

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