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Andre Pace
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Featured Artist: Andre Pace Showing in Virtual Art Auction Catalouge 2021( Auction 2021..

Contemporary Art & Mix Media designers series works..

Original concepts of Contemporary Art & Mix Media designers series works.. ( June 2/2021 thru June 13/2021)..

Vist & reviews welcomed guest Phone-in welcomed..

Featured Artist: Andre Pace

AYME Updates
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1️⃣ Who do we feature in our monthly magazines? Each month we like to share a mixture of content! We open up our online portal, instagram, and facebook up for people looking to share their stories or new business! We also look to feature people’s interesting lifestyle and share their experiences with their special lifestyles.


How do you submit your story or business to be considered? We ask that anyone who would like to be featured or advertise to contact is in a message.

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    We are always looking for people to feature in our monthly i...


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